Pro European Protesters flooded the city centre of London

On Saturday 25th of March, while I was in Parliament square gardens in London, suddenly, a large mass of people started filling the square. People of all ages painted with the EU colours and carrying EU flags and placards were protesting against the decision of Britain to leave the EU. The vast majority of people were British. Young people, students, families with their kids, middle-aged and elderly people were all there shouting against the British government.

At the beginning, it did not seem to be many people taking place in the demonstration. However, while the time was passing more and more people flooded the most central place of the English capital.

I started walking towards the Whitehall street. The road was closed and more and more people were going down the street where was the meeting point for all the protesters. I kept waking and I realised that the protesters were uncountable. All the road from Trafalgar Square till the Big Ben was full of people.

I asked a family with two children what why did they join the demonstration and what did they want to say to the government and they answered me that they are afraid for the future of their children. They feel Europeans and they want to be part of the Union. They wanted to say No to the xenophobia that the referendum increased. Then I asked an elderly couple why they want to remain in the EU and they told me that they feel Europe as their home. They do not want to be isolated and that they love the diversity of people that London offers.

It is obvious that this demonstration was a message to the British government. A message which needs to be heard. All the protesters they did not protest only for themselves. They protested for their children, for their friends, for all these Europeans who live in the UK and now they feel unwelcomed.

The European Union offered many things to all of its members. The United Kingdom gave many things to the constitution but received more back. The most arguments regarding those who voted No to the referendum were based on the fear that immigrants will change British culture and that they still their jobs. Nothing of this will happen. And that is what this demonstration wanted to show.

This demonstration will not change the current situation but it is a clear message to the British government that these people, these protesters are here and they will continue to demonstrate until they will be heard.

photo by Iraklis Mitalidis


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