60 years European Union….Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the European Union. Happy birthday to Europe. On the 25th of March 2017, Europe celebrated the 60th anniversary of the creation of European Union. 60 years ago, with the Treaty of Rome, the biggest political and economic bloc was founded.  Six countries (Belguim, Italy, France, Germany, Luxemburg and Netherlands) signed the Treaty of Rome on the 25th of March 1957. Through the years the constitution became bigger and bigger and today it is being consisted by 28 countries.

Nowadays, many blame the European Union for many things. However, if someone examines the history of the constitution and what it has offered to the European citizens, he would realise that this economic and political bloc has tendered many things. First of all, and one of the most important achievements that the EU succeeded was that from the begging of the constitution till today, no member-state had a war. The European borders were secured with peace and no conflict took place in any member-state. In addition, Europe is a continent with many different cultures, traditions and languages which are respected by the other countries and besides all the differences they have same values and goals. Moreover, the European Union brought prosperity and development to all countries, even to countries that were poor.

The European Union secured the free movement of European citizens to other European countries. Furthermore, the living standards of the European citizens has risen over the last decades and Europe consists one of the most developed parts of the world. It also helped the students who can study abroad during their studies, in order to meet news people, new cultures, new ideas.

All these achievements succeeded due to this constitution, due to the collaboration among the countries and the respect that each country showed to everything that was seemed different to them. But, the most significant achievement that the European Union succeeded was to preserve democracy all over the continent. To keep Europeans united, to feel as one besides the language, religious, cultural or any other differences. The European Union taught to people what is equality, solidarity and respect among different people.

The European Union, after 60 years, may face the most important crisis of its history, but if someone realises all these things that the EU succeeded, he would understand that people do not have to fight the constitution but to fight for the constitution. To fight for all these things that we take for granted, for the freedom that we have to express our opinions and our beliefs. For all these reasons, the EU needs to stay strong and united and this will happen only if its citizens realise the importance of it. For one more time….Happy Birthday, European Union.



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