Greece and Poland threaten the Rome Declaration

The Rome declaration which will be signed on the 25th of March in Rome, the day of the 60th Anniversary of the European Union, has turned into a headache for the European partners. The declaration is based on a white paper which will include five possible scenarios regarding the European Union’s future. One of this scenarios includes the possibility of a “multi-speed” EU.

This decision, did not satisfied the Prime Ministers of Greece and Poland which stated that they want some changes in order to sign the declaration. Mr. Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, tweeted that Europe should treat every member equally and no country should be exempted. On the other hand the Polish Prime Minister, said that she may not sign the declaration since she demands from the EU to give more powers to national parliaments.

Greece and Poland, have many issues to deal with. The bad economic situation of Greece have set the country “against” the EU in many ways. Greece cannot follow the European economic norms besides the effort that makes the last 7 years. On the other hand, Poland, one of the ex communists countries of the EU, which succeed to repudiate its past very soon, now demands more powers to the national parliaments since it believes that the decisions of the European Union do not satisfy their wishes or they do not benefit the country in any way.

The future  of Europe is without a doubt uncertain. The political and economic conditions around the globe, make even worse the future of the constitution. For this reasons, the member states should stay united and of course the EU should treat every member the same and not to discriminate anyone.


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