Article 50 has been triggered! Goodbye UK

On the 29th of March, Theresa May signed the most important document of her political career. A document which triggered the article 50 and started officially the “divorce” between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Now that everything happened as it had been planned we need to know what will happen afterwards. Mrs May assure the British people that everything is under control and that the negotiations with the European Union will be positive and will not harm the British citizens, however, her position is still very vague since she has not made clear which will be the real outcome of the negotiations…Probably she does not know either yet. The only thing that is certain is that the United Kingdom will be negatively affected by this divorce. The first negative signs after the referendum are visible. First of all, the difference of between the YES and No was not big. This means that the British people are divided to those who are in favour of the constitution and to those who are not. Secondly, after the referendum, the racism against foreigners has been increased and now immigrants feel insecure regarding their future in the country.

The British government need to deal with many things over the next two years. They need to be clear on their negotiations and on their promises because this result will affect millions of people and especially the European people who do not know what will happen after the final secession of Great Britain from the EU.

Many claim that this referendum was the begging of the end of Great Britain as we know it today, and maybe they are right. Nicola Sturgeon has already stated that she will hold a second referendum on the Scottish independence because Scottish people want to remain in the European Union. The article 50, probably is the document wich seals this disintegration.

The United Kingdom made a huge mistake leaving the European Union. The idea that they can make it better on their own and the belief that they will “make Britain Great again” will cost them a lot. When they will be on their own they will understand the benefits of being part of this bloc but then it will be too late for a comeback….No matter what will happen, let’s hope that the compromises of both sides won’t affect both the European and the British people. Goodbye Britain, we are going to miss you.


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