The rise of euroscepticism around Europe

Without a doubt, European Union started with many ambitions in order to unite the European countries, create some common values, and make all citizens feel European apart from their own nationality.

In many ways, the European Union succeeded its goals. For 60 years now, the constitution offered and still offers many benefits to the European citizens. From the common currency and the free movement among the EU member countries till the continuοus peace, the EU is definitely something really good and valuable. However, the last years, this positive perception has changed in many countries for several reasons. Especially after the global financial crisis, more and more people in many countries around Europe started losing their faith in the united Europe.

 The United Kingdom was always a eurosceptic country and this was confirmed after the referendum in June 2016 when British people decided to leave the European Union. In addition, nowadays more than 70 per cent of Greek people is against the constitution due to the economic situation in the country. The austerity economic measures that the EU set to Greece made Greek people feel betrayed and victims of Europe. Another country with really high percentage against Europe is France. The rise of far right Marie Le Pen in combination with the high euroscepticism in the country make the scenario of France to exit the EU possible if Marie Le Pen wins the second round of the French elections.

In general, there is a view that southern European countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are treated unfairly by the European Union. People in these countries feel that they are the victims in order to get more power the northern countries and especially Germany which is believed by many to be the one country which makes all the decisions regarding the European issues. Moreover, due to the “authoritarian” position of Germany, as many claim that the country keeps, European citizens demand more powers to return to their countries.

Another reason that many people feel disappointed and angry in many cases against the EU is due to the position that the constitution kept on the influx of refugees from Syria and Northern Africa. There are thousands of refugees who are “trapped” in Greece because other European countries have closed their borders and as a result, the refugees cannot go to north Europe.

The last years many things have changed in Europe and much more will change. The European Union needs to listen to its citizens’ demands and try to do its best in order to stay united and strong, otherwise, a potential collapse of the EU would be catastrophic for everyone.


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