Which reasons make EU the best political and economic union so far

It has been 60 years since the European Union was created. Through these years many things have changed. The European Union has become bigger and bigger. It started consisted by six countries and today it is consisted by 28 (well 27 after the secession of the United Kingdom).

If someone watch the European history before and after the creation of the European Union he could understand why this constitution is so important and valuable. After the second world war, Europe was collapsed and needed help in order to become strong. The first purpose of the European Union was to eliminate nationalism which was the main reason that destroyed Europe. In addition, it created a stable and strong economy and today the European economy is the strongest in the world.

The European citizens, apart from their nationality they are also Europeans. They have the right to move freely around Europe, live and work legally without needing a visa. Moreover, the creation of the single market and the common currency the economic trades became very easy and increased the economy of each country.

After all these years, however, the most important thing that the European Union succeeded was to keep all of the members in peace. No member state had a war the last 60 years and Europe is the most peaceful continent around the globe. It also succeeded to provide democracy and human rights so everyone can live free and be proud of what he or she is.

The European Union is definitelly the best economic block, but, it is also a continent where people respect each other and a place where peace, as the major gift for people, is respected and appreciated.



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