Unexpected general elections for the UK in June 2017

The decision of the British Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May, to announce snap general elections on the 8th of June 2017 was sudden for everyone. Nobody expected something like that, however, it was a right move for Mrs May because the outcome of the election (whatever this would be), would set into a new base the negotiations of Great Britain and EU regarding Brexit.

The upcoming elections were undoubtedly the best decision that Mrs May made since her party will probably win the majority of seats. A potential victory would mean that Theresa May has the support of people and she could negotiate easier over the Brexit. In addition, it would also be easier for the EU to find a solution that would not “harm” neither the United Kingdom nor the European Union.

June’s British general elections were seen very positively and as a relief from the European Union. Whatever will be the outcome, the negotiations would be different since the British government will have people’s back and the relationship between EU and the UK will smooth out. The fellow MEP Ashley Fox, the leader of the Conservative delegation in Brussels stated: “Theresa May’s announcement today is a strong, decisive and important step along the road to delivering a Brexit that works for both the UK and the EU27.”

There is no turning back for Brexit, either we like it or not. At least, let the negotiations be as easier as they can and whatever happens, would not harm neither the EU nor the United Kingdom.



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