Marie Le Pen: The French candidate who is a threat for Europe

photo by google


Just two days before the first round of the French elections, the outcome is still not very clear. The only thing that it is quite clear is that Marie Le Pen will pass the first round and probably she will be the winner.

The far-right candidate is a nightmare for the European Union. As she has stated if she wins the elections, she will try to get France out of the European Union and Euro. Following her father’s steps, who was the leader of the party before her, Marie Le Pen will stop the immigration to France and she will drive away all the immigrants who came illegally to the country.

As she has stated in the past “The French have been dispossessed of their patriotism. They are suffering in silence from not being allowed to love their country … The divide is no longer between the left and the right, but between the patriots and the globalists.”

It is clear that she wants France only for the French people and she will do whatever she cans in order to succeed this.

Her opinion regarding the European Union is clear. She wants France out of the constitution. If she becomes the next president of the country, within six months after her election she will hold a referendum regarding the future of France in the EU. The last months, Ms Le Pen gained many supporters and it is very possible to make the surprise and win the second round of the elections which will take place on the 7th of May 2017. Marie Le Pen has also the support of Donald Trump who said that she is the “strongest candidate” in France.

A potential victory of Marie Le Pen in the French elections would be destructive for the future of the European Union. France is the second largest economy in Europe after Germany. Without France, the EU will lose a lot of its power and this will be the beginning of the end for the European Union.

French people, especially after the last terrorist attacks, are very worried and scared and this is the main reason the Marie Le Pen has gained so much power. The anti-Islamic statements and her promises to give more benefits to French people are those who made people believe her and support her.

In less than a month the final outcome of the French elections will be known. According to the winner, Europe will have to options. Either to feel relieved or start feeling worried if Marie Le Pen becomes the President of France.


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